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Pregnant? What Now?

During Your Pregnancy & Beyond

We provide a safe haven and a loving family atmosphere to help prepare for the future. Whether adopting or parenting, we will be there every step of the way. For more information about our program please click here.

Our Mission

The mission of the Family LIFE Center is to demonstrate Christ’s love to young women experiencing unplanned pregnancies by equipping them for the challenges of Life.

Our housing program accommodates pregnant women. If you have other children we have resources to help you, please talk to us about this.  The staff and board of the Family LIFE Center work in cooperation with supporting churches and designated community volunteers to provide a safe, caring, home environment with specific opportunities for social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual growth.

Click here for more details about becoming a resident at the home or click here if you would like to know more about partnering with us as a ministry volunteer.

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Story Of Hope

Meet Kayla
I was pregnant and homeless. I found out about the Family Life Center through a brochure at the Holland Rescue Mission. I ended up at the Family LIFE Center and built a relationship with them over the course of four and a half months.  I did not stay the whole program because I was not fully committed.  I was still straddling the fence between the ways of the world and Jesus’s way for my life.  I ended up moving back to Holland.  I went back and forth between a parenting plan and an adoption plan.  Through that time I was wrestling with that and the Lord.  Because of the support of the Family LIFE Center and church family, my faith grew and I ended up fully surrendering to Jesus.  It still is a process. I still have to lay down my life everyday, but I know bow my strength and future lies with Jesus. Speaking of my future, I am currently enrolled in Kuyper College for Ministry Leadership and Biblical Greek. I am excited to see how God uses my future to further his kingdom and save lives. I’m also blessed to know that I am supported by the Family LIFE Center and my church family. Read More Stories Like Kayla’s

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Receiving Help

Your Next Steps For Admission


First Interview

Thank you for your interest in our program. Below you will find all the information necessary to apply for residency. Please note that our entire application process is online.

The admission application process is broken into four simple steps. There are two forms (steps 1&2) below that need to be filled out and submitted to complete the application for residency. For each of the below forms you will receive an email confirmation once that step has been submitted. Please fill out each form as accurately and completely as possible or you may be asked to go back and fill in the missing information. You may go back and edit your responses using the link provided in your email confirmation so please keep your confirmation emails.


Second Interview

At The Family LIFE Center

This is where you will come out to tour the house and meet the rest of the house family. We will discuss any additional questions that you’ve had since the first interview and we will do the same. Of course we want to see you grow spiritually, but we also want to help you realize your dreams and goals for life. If you are willing to commit to the program, we will do everything in our power to help you get where you want to go. At the end of the second interview, we will discuss as a team just like you will discuss with your family, friends and loved ones if this is the next step in the beginning of a new chapter in life. If we both agree to move forward then we will setup a move in date and welcome you officialy to the Family LIFE Center!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1)How long does the interview process take?

We do a series of two interviews. Depending on how long it takes to get the paperwork returned to us, we can process everything in 5-10 days.

2)How long can I stay after the baby is born?

Both moms who choose adoption and moms who choose parenting can stay up to 7 months after the birth of her baby.

3)How many people can live at the maternity home?

We have the capacity for four moms.

4) How much does it cost to live at the Family Life Center?

Our moms earn their stay by committing to volunteer, work, or attend school 20 hours per week.

How Can We Bring Hope To Your Life?

5) How will I get to my appointments?

We provide transportation to and from appointments.

6) I don’t have any baby items, do you help with that?

Yes, we have a boutique with baby items, you will be able to go shopping at the boutique to prepare for your baby’s arrival.

7) Can I have people visit me while living at the maternity home?
Absolutely! We do ask that visits are scheduled ahead of time.

8) I need help with finding an OB/GYN, what can I do?
We can help walk you through that process! We are blessed to be in the center of 7 hospitals! We can help you find a Dr. that is just right for you!

9) What should I bring? 

You may bring clothing and personal hygiene items. You do not have to have these things, we can help you get to them. We will store 2 totes of your additional personal items. 

10) Who will provide transportation and child care? 

The program has over 40 volunteers available to help you. They will provide transportation, child care, teach life skill classes and mentor you through your time with us. You will be a given a list of the volunteers and phone numbers to contact to help you. We will assign a mentor to walk beside you. 


Julie Davison

House Manager


Julie has been working at the Family Life Center since May 2021. Julie, her husband Jacey and daughter (born after they moved in) started working here as house parents for two years and then Julie transitioned to House Manager in the Spring of 2023. 
I love the residential setting and the opportunities it gives to truly work alongside each woman who is part of FLC. I love being able to celebrate the life they have chosen but also to be able to speak into each life and walk alongside each individual as they navigate life with all of its challenges and joys. Jacey and I love to go for hikes together, as well as play board games whenever we have the chance! 


House Manager


Kim has been working as an Emergency Room nurse for 5 years. There she worked with diverse populations and lots of trauma centered individuals. Outside of her BSN in nursing she has an associates degree in Biblical Studies from Kuyper College. Kim has been married to her husband Matt for 7 years. Together they have 2 children Elizabeth who is 3 and Elijah who is 1. As a family they love to hike and spend time outside. She started as a volunteer for Family Life Center in 2021 and would help drive women to appointments or work. She would also help with any medical needs the women might have. Through several pregnancy losses and complications, God began to ignite her passion for women and children. He led her to less hours as an ER nurse and into the home to work alongside the women as a part time House Manager.  Kim is excited to be challenged spiritually and to grow in that, while also ministering to women and empowering them to be all God has created them to be. 

Taylor Payne

Administration Coordinator

I’m excited to join the team at Family LIFE Center as their Administration Coordinator. I attended Cornerstone University and graduated with a degree in Nonprofit Administration, eager to see what organization God would connect with me. I’m thankful for the opportunity to help the Family LIFE Center thrive and continue supporting moms in the community! When I’m not at the Family LIFE Center, I spend my days hanging out with two sweet kiddos that I get to nanny. My husband, Chad, and I recently got married! In our spare time, we like to head to our cottage, go camping, hang out with friends and spend time with family. 

Ardy Barens

Media & Volunteer Coordinator

I started volunteering at the Family Life Center March 2017. I had responded to a request in our church bulletin for someone to hold a 5 week old baby for 3 hours 1 day a week. That sounded like a great thing to do (and easy). I fell in love with the 2 babies at the house and the 3 girls. Since I was already spending 3 hours at the house every Wednesday, starting the summer of 2017, I was asked to give the house mother respite for the whole day. This was a bit more of a challenge but I decided I would like to do that and have continued.

About 1 ½ years ago I became the Volunteer Coordinator. I love doing this because I get to have contact with awesome volunteers who give their time and skills to help the young mothers.

I took a few months off in 2018 from being the Volunteer Coordinator and then jumped back in. I am currently working on digitizing (I am not a big fan of paper) the volunteer information. I am also trying to update the information we have on file and add new volunteers.

My time at the Family Life Center has enriched my life immensely. I have met girls from all walks of life and learned much about how young women are able to overcome the rough starts they have had in life and make a new start as a single mother. Each woman is unique and special. They hold a special place in my heart as well as the volunteers.

Holly Placzek

Prayer & Aftercare Coordinator

Hi I’m Holly Placzek, the Prayer & Aftercare Coordinator for the FLC…I’ve been in this role for roughly 2 yrs now but I’ve been a volunteer{child care/transportation} and financial supporter for over 8 yrs…when I’m not meeting with the staff or prayer team to pray for the ministry, I’m being a wife to Drew and mom to Emma, Gabe, Mia, and Lena…I also work at a popular grocery store in Kentwood. My hobbies are jewelry making, antiquing/thrifting, and flower gardening.

Teresa Urivez

Assistant Director

Teresa’s life was radically transformed through salvation in 2000. Since then she has had the privilege of serving God through mentoring women from all walks of life. She is married with 4 children and 15 grandchildren. She serves at her church through prayer ministry and as a Freedom Group facilitator. Teresa is excited to walk side by side with Family LIFE Center bringing mothers from brokenness to purpose!

Alex & Becky Lemmen

House Parents

Coming soon!

Rochell Prahl

Executive Director


Rochell has served the Lord through the Family LIFE Center (FLC) maternity home since 2007.  She has been a volunteer, housemother, and Executive Director at the FLC. Rochell moved to Michigan in 1998, attended Calvin College, and met her husband at Calvary Church in Grand Rapids. She has been married since 2001 and enjoys serving the Lord with her husband and their 4 children.